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Science & Humanism Book Pack (Four Autographed Books)

Science & Humanism Book Pack (Four Autographed Books)

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This exclusive hardcover book pack is perfect for families interested in science and humanism. This pack includes the following four books:

My Name is Stardust Special Edition (foreword by Richard Dawkins): My Name Is Stardust inspires passion for science, teaches concepts such as evolution, and helps children understand their connection to the cosmos. It is beautifully illustrated with 24 pages including a glossary of scientific terms. 

Elle the Humanist (foreword by Daniel Dennett): Elle the Humanist is a beautifully illustrated book by nine-year-old Elle Harris, presenting humanist ideas and ethics in a way that's warm, welcoming, and accessible for young readers. It features a foreword by renowned philosopher and author Daniel Dennett. 

Stardust Explores Earth's Wonders: Stardust Explores Earth's Wonders brings back Stardust, the wide-eyed, science-loving heroine of the series. The book also introduces a new character, her little brother Vincent, who learns an exciting fact: every living thing on Earth is related! Addressing scientific concepts such as plate tectonics, fossil records, and evolution in a simple and understandable manner, Stardust explains to Vincent how all life on Earth -- including people -- evolved from earlier life forms, and how we are able to know this today.

Wonderful Earth: Do you remember the feelings of awe and wonder you felt as you experienced the world and nature as a child? This beautiful book takes you back and lets you experience those feelings once again as you explore the wonders of Earth through a young author's eyes.

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