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My Name is Stardust 2nd Edition Hardcover (pre-order)

My Name is Stardust 2nd Edition Hardcover (pre-order)

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New 2nd edition to be released and shipped in September of 2020 featuring a foreword by Richard Dawkins.

Everything in our solar system is made of stardust, including YOU!  My Name Is Stardust inspires passion for science, teaches concepts such as evolution, and helps children understand their connection to the cosmos. It is beautifully illustrated with 24 pages including a glossary of scientific terms. 

The book is written by 13-year old author and activist, Bailey Harris, and edited by Dr. Eric Meikle (Former Education Project Director at the National Center for Science Education).

Includes free U.S. Shipping and a Stardust bookmark!

Book will ship in September!

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