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Foreword by Richard Dawkins

The upcoming second edition of My Name is Stardust will feature a very special foreword by Richard Dawkins. Here is a preview:

"Publishers of children’s books do their noble best to second-guess what children like to read. But the best possible judges would surely be children themselves. And when a book is itself written by a highly intelligent child, isn’t that best of all? Bailey Harris began work on this book when she was eight, around the age of her target audience. She honed her explaining skills, and grew her knowledge of science, through exposure to bullies in her Utah school who tried to tell her she’d go to hell if she didn’t believe in the Book of Mormon. That’s why she originally wanted to call her first book the Book of Truth. Now fourteen, she’s invited me to introduce the second edition and I’m delighted to do so.

Bailey was the youngest presenter at the 2019 CSICON (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry conference) in Las Vegas, and she was—as everyone agreed—a star. She is also stardust, and so are we all.

'Hello everyone! My name Is Stardust and this is my little brother, Vincent.' Did ever a book have a more charming beginning? That’s actually the beginning of another of Bailey’s Stardust books, but the charm runs equally through all of them. This one has 375-million-year-old Tiktaalik, one of my favourite animals. Also another of my favourite animals, Lucy, who lived 3 million years ago. Some would say Lucy wasn’t an animal but a person. Others, including me, would say she was both, for we too are animals—we are African apes, closer cousins to chimpanzees than chimps are to gorillas. Tiktaalik may not be our direct ancestor but he was pretty much like our gazillion-greats grandfather, the fish who first crawled out on land. Our several-hundred-thousand-greats grandmother might have met Lucy, so it’s thrilling for us to meet her in Bailey’s book—and see her in one of Natalie Malan’s beautiful illustrations.

We are stardust: you and me, Lucy and Tiktaalik, dinosaurs, bacteria and redwood trees. Let Stardust Bailey tell you all about it."

Richard Dawkins