Don't Be Mean to 13

In this award-winning, beautifully illustrated book, young readers meet Thirteen, who is feared and disliked by some people for no good reason. Don't Be Mean to 13 is a charming story with adorably drawn characters for pre-readers, while at the same time presenting the ancient historical roots of a popular superstition and introducing older children to evidence-based, critical thinking.

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"A wonderful introduction to the origins and effects of one of the world's most popular and irrational phobias, the fear of the number thirteen, delightfully told by a young boy and his friends 13 and Friday. This lively story will help children avoid unnecessary fears and teach them about the long history of Triskaidekaphobia. Highly recommended."   

—Stuart Vyse, author of Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition 


"There are more than 13 reasons why children should have this book! I won’t list them all, but the number one reason is that Don’t be Mean to 13 provides an opportunity for conversations that will promote the use of critical thinking skills. Superstitions can be harmful at worse and irrational at best. Fear of the number 13 leads to additional superstitious thinking, so I’m getting this book for every child I know!"

—Margaret Downey, the only Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Nurse in the entire world, President of the Freethought Society


“We are happy to award deserving books like Don't Be Mean to 13. Our panel of judges really felt this book merited a place on our list of the best in family-friendly products that parents and educators can feel confident in using.”

—Dawn Matheson, CEO, Mom’s Choice Awards


“What an absolutely delightful story about a bizarre belief that millions of people hold—that there’s something unlucky about the number 13. Of course, there isn’t, and we know this through reason and science, and the earlier children learn how to think about such superstitions the better society will be. My little boy loved the story and so will you!"

—Michael Shermer, Publisher Skeptic magazine, author Why People Believe Weird Things


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