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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Young Scientists & Freethinkers

For parents who are always looking for ways to help inspire passion for science and wonder, holiday time can be a great opportunity to give our little ones meaningful presents that support this endeavor. And fortunate for us, authors and toymakers are releasing great content to support this. 

However, it can be hard to weed through so many of the amazing options out there today. Below you will see some of our favorite books and toys for the 2017 holiday season.

Our Favorite Children's Books (click on the images to see them on Amazon):

Mars Rover Rescue and Epic Space Adventure are written by our friend Andrew Rader who is a real-life Aerospace Engineer. Andrew currently works for SpaceX and will be a real life Mars explorer...very soon! 


Grandmother Fish is our favorite book that teaches the simple concepts of evolution:

I Wonder was written by Anika Harris (neuroscientist Sam Harris's wife). This is a heartwarming story with beautiful illustrations.

Author Joseph Becker released the third book in the Annabelle & Aiden book series this year and it is our favorite of the three (according to Joseph, this third book The Worlds Within Us was partially inspired by My Name Is Stardust and we LOVE it). This series challenges antiquated beliefs in a respectful manner and helps children learn critical thinking skills. It's a must for every secular family.


Chelsea Clinton does a great job in She Persisted as she introduces us to 13 American women who helped change the world! I love reading this book with my girls.

Toys (click on the links to see the products on Amazon):

We are SO excited that Lego has launched the Women of Nasa kit! It has been sold out most of the time since its release, so try to pay no more than $25 (we paid $24.99 on Amazon, so you may just need to wait for them to restock it):

Our kids love to build molecules with the Molecular Model Kit:

Our kids love this marble set of Earth, Mars and the Moon. 

We hope that this helps you spread some reason this season and that you all have great holidays!


Douglas Harris (@doughded)

Author, My Name Is Stardust


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